Amy Muise, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow

Department of Psychology

University of Toronto Mississauga


    I have two main lines of research focused on understanding how romantic couples maintain satisfying and fulfilling partnerships. Sexuality is a key factor that promotes happiness in romantic relationships. My first line of research considers how couples can maintain desire and satisfaction over the course of a long-term relationship. Who is buffered against the normative declines in sexual desire over time? What is the role of other intimate behaviors beyond sexual intercourse? To explore these questions I draw on theories of communal relationships, approach-avoidance motivation and hedonic adaption. In my second line of research I focus on understanding how sharing and accessing information on social media sites impacts romantic relationships. Facebook has changed two key aspects of relationships – the ability to access information about a partner and the opportunity to share relationship-relevant information to a broader social audience. Who is more likely to make their romantic relationship visible on Facebook and why? How does accessing information about a romantic partner on Facebook influence how a person feels about their relationship? To explore these questions I draw on theories of impression management and investment in close relationships.